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[nee-oh-dim-ee-uh m] /ˌni oʊˈdɪm i əm/

noun, Chemistry.
a rare-earth, metallic, trivalent element occurring with cerium and other rare-earth metals, and having rose-colored to violet-colored salts. Symbol: Nd; atomic weight: 144.24; atomic number: 60; specific gravity: 6.9 at 20°C.
a toxic silvery-white metallic element of the lanthanide series, occurring principally in monazite: used in colouring glass. Symbol: Nd; atomic no: 60; atomic wt: 144.24; valency: 3; relative density: 6.80 and 7.00 (depending on allotrope); melting pt: 1024°C; boiling pt: 3127°C

neodymium ne·o·dym·i·um (nē’ō-dĭm’ē-əm)
Symbol Nd
A rare-earth element used for coloring glass. Atomic number 60; atomic weight 144.24; melting point 1,016°C; boiling point 3,066°C; specific gravity 7.008 (at 25°C); valence 3.
Symbol Nd
A shiny, silvery metallic element of the lanthanide series. It is used to make glass for welders’ goggles and purple glass for lasers. Atomic number 60; atomic weight 144.24; melting point 1,024°C; boiling point 3,027°C; specific gravity 6.80 or 7.004 (depending on allotropic form); valence 3. See Periodic Table.


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