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Neonatal herpes

neonatal herpes n.
A herpesvirus type two infection transmitted to the newborn during passage through an infected birth canal.


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  • Neonatal medicine

    neonatal medicine n. See neonatology.

  • Neonatal tetany

    neonatal tetany n. A continuous general muscular hypertonicity in newborns and young infants. Also called tetanism.

  • Neonatal mortality rate

    neonatal mortality rate n. The ratio of the number of deaths in the first 28 days of life to the number of live births occurring in the same population during the same period of time.

  • Neonate

    [nee-uh-neyt] /ˈni əˌneɪt/ noun 1. a newborn child, or one in its first 28 days. /ˈniːəʊˌneɪt/ noun 1. a newborn child, esp in the first week of life and up to four weeks old n. “recently born infant,” 1905, coined from neo- + Latin natus “born,” past participle of nasci “be born” (Old Latin gnasci; […]

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