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[nee-ot-n-ee] /niˈɒt n i/

noun, Biology.
Also called pedogenesis. the production of offspring by an organism in its larval or juvenile form; the elimination of the adult phase of the life cycle.
a slowing of the rate of development with the consequent retention in adulthood of a feature or features that appeared in an earlier phase in the life cycle of ancestral individuals:
Neoteny in the ostrich has resulted in adult birds sporting the down feathers of nestlings.
the persistence of larval or fetal features in the adult form of an animal. For example, the adult axolotl, a salamander, retains larval external gills See also paedogenesis

retention of juvenile characteristics in adult life, 1901, from German neotenie (1884), from Greek neos “young” (see new) + teinein “to extend” (see tenet).

neoteny ne·ot·e·ny (nē-ŏt’n-ē)
The attainment of sexual maturity by an organism still in its larval stage.


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