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[nef-uh-lom-i-ter] /ˌnɛf əˈlɒm ɪ tər/

Bacteriology. an apparatus containing a series of barium chloride standards used to determine the number of bacteria in a suspension.
Physical Chemistry. an instrument for studying the density of suspended particles in a liquid by measuring the degree to which the suspension scatters light.
(chem) an instrument for measuring the size or density of particles suspended in a fluid

nephelometer neph·e·lometer (něf’ə-lŏm’ĭ-tər)
An apparatus used to measure the size and concentration of particles in a liquid by determining the amount of light scattered by the liquid.
neph’e·lo·met’ric (-lō-mět’rĭk) adj.
neph’e·lom’e·try n.


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