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the state of being a nerd


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  • Nerdic

    /ˈnɜːdɪk/ noun 1. another name for geekspeak

  • Nerdiest

    [nur-dee] /ˈnɜr di/ adjective, nerdier, nerdiest. 1. Slang. of or like a . adjective See nerdish See nerdlike adj. 1978, from nerd + -y (2). Related: Nerdiness. adjective Characteristic of a nerd: Above all, stay away from anything nerdy/ When the trendy become mainstream, the hip go nerdy (1970s+ Teenagers)

  • Nerdish

    adjective somewhat like or typical of a nerd; also called nerdy , nerdlike Examples Silicon Valley workers used to be considered nerdish. See nerdlike

  • Nerdlike

    adjective somewhat like or typical of a nerd; resembling a nerd; also called nerdy , nerdish Examples I like the nerdlike quality of flannel pajamas. See nerdish

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