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[nurts] /nɜrts/

interjection, Older Slang.
(def 1).
[nuhts] /nʌts/ Slang.
Also, nerts, nertz. (used to express disgust, defiance, disapproval, despair).
insane; crazy.
be nuts about,

a slang word for insane
(slang) foll by about or on. extremely fond (of) or enthusiastic (about)
(slang) an expression of disappointment, contempt, refusal, or defiance
plural noun
a slang word for testicles See testicle

1932, originally American English college slang, colloquial or euphemistic pronunciation of nuts as a slang retort of defiance or dismissal (1931).

“crazy,” 1846, from earlier be nutts upon “be very fond of” (1785), which is possibly from nuts (plural noun) “any source of pleasure” (1610s), from nut (q.v.). Sense influenced probably by metaphoric application of nut to “head” (1846, e.g. to be off one’s nut “be insane,” 1860). Nuts as a derisive retort is attested from 1931.

Connection with the slang “testicle” sense has tended to nudge it toward taboo. “On the N.B.C. network, it is forbidden to call any character a nut; you have to call him a screwball.” [“New Yorker,” Dec. 23, 1950] “Please eliminate the expression ‘nuts to you’ from Egbert’s speech.” [Request from the Hays Office regarding the script of “The Bank Dick,” 1940] This desire for avoidance accounts for the euphemism nerts (c.1925).

Related Terms



Crazy; very eccentric; bughouse, meshuga: Are you nuts to turn your back on a deal that could mean life or death?/ Heir Rejected 400G, Is He Nuts? ( first form 1914+, second 1932+)


An exclamation of disbelief, defiance, contempt, dismay, etc: General McAuliffe replied ”Nuts!” to the Germans at Bastogne (1931+)


Related Terms

bust one’s ass, the cat’s meow, get one’s nuts, hot rocks, numb-nuts

noun phrase

The very best; the GREATEST: eulogizing anything as ”the nuts”

Related Terms

the cat’s meow

[first form 1932+, second 1934+; probably a shortening of the cat’s nuts]

were among the presents Jacob sent into Egypt for the purpose of conciliating Joseph (Gen. 43:11). This was the fruit of the pistachio tree, which resembles the sumac. It is of the size of an olive. In Cant. 6:11 a different Hebrew word (‘egoz), which means “walnuts,” is used.


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