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Nerve food


a type of food thought to nourish the nerve and brain cells and possibly relieve stress and exhaustion


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  • Nerve-gas

    noun 1. any of several poison gases, derived chiefly from phosphoric acid, that weaken or paralyze the nervous system, especially that part of the system controlling respiration. noun 1. (esp in chemical warfare) any of various poisonous gases that have a potentially fatal paralysing effect on the central nervous system noun a poisonous gas that […]

  • Nerve graft

    nerve graft n. A graft in which a healthy nerve is used to replace a portion of a defective one.

  • Nerve-growth-factor

    noun, Biochemistry. 1. a protein that promotes the growth, organization, and maintenance of sympathetic and some sensory nerve cells. Abbreviation: NGF. noun 1. a polypeptide produced by neurones and their supporting tissues as well as some other tissues that stimulate the growth of neurones 2. any of various related polypeptides that promote the growth of […]

  • Nerve growth factor antiserum

    nerve growth factor antiserum n. An antiserum containing antibodies against nerve growth factor.

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