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nervon ner·von (nûr’vŏn’)
A crystalline cerebroside in brain tissue.


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  • Nervonic acid

    nervonic acid ner·von·ic acid (nûr-vŏn’ĭk) n. An unsaturated fatty acid that forms by hydrolysis in cerebrosides such as nervon.

  • Nervosity

    [nur-vos-i-tee] /nɜrˈvɒs ɪ ti/ noun 1. the quality of being nervous; nervousness.

  • Nervous

    [nur-vuh s] /ˈnɜr vəs/ adjective 1. highly excitable; unnaturally or acutely uneasy or apprehensive: to become nervous under stress. 2. of or relating to the : nervous tension. 3. affecting the : nervous diseases. 4. suffering from, characterized by, or originating in disordered . 5. characterized by or attended with acute uneasiness or apprehension: a […]

  • Nervous-breakdown

    noun 1. (not in technical use) any disabling mental disorder requiring treatment. noun 1. any mental illness not primarily of organic origin in which the patient ceases to function properly, often accompanied by severely impaired concentration, anxiety, insomnia, and lack of self-esteem; used esp of episodes of depression nervous breakdown n. A severe or incapacitating […]

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