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An applications programming interface (API) which activates network operations on IBM PC compatibles running under Microsoft’s DOS. It is a set of network commands that the application program issues in order to transmit and receive data to another host on the network. The commands are interpreted by a network control program or network operating system that is NetBIOS compatible. See NetBOLLIX.


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  • Netbios frames control protocol

    protocol (NBFCP, NBF protocol, originally “NetBEUI protocol”) [RFC 2097] [What is it?] (1997-05-10)

  • Net-blotch

    noun, Plant Pathology. 1. a disease of barley, characterized by a brown, netlike discoloration of the leaves, caused by fungi of the genus Helminthosporium.

  • Netbollix

    [“bollix”: to bungle] IBM’s NetBIOS, an extremely brain-damaged network protocol that, like Blue Glue, is used at commercial shops that don’t know any better. [Jargon File]

  • Netbook

    [net-boo k] /ˈnɛtˌbʊk/ noun, Computers. 1. a small, lightweight laptop computer used especially for Internet access and email. /ˈnɛtˌbʊk/ noun 1. a type of small laptop computer

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