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networking, chat
(Or “netsplit”) When netlag gets really bad, and delays between IRC servers exceed a certain threshhold, the network effectively becomes partitioned for a period of time, and large numbers of people seem to be signing off at the same time and then signing back on again when things get better. An instance of this is called a “netburp” (or, sometimes, netsplit).
[Jargon File]


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    Network Common Data Form. A machine-independent, self-describing file format for scientific data.

  • Netdead

    jargon, chat The state of someone who signs off IRC, perhaps during a netburp, and doesn’t sign back on until later. In the interim, he is “dead to the net”. [Jargon File] (2007-09-02)

  • Net domestic product

    noun 1. (economics) the gross domestic product minus an allowance for the depreciation of capital goods NDP

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    verb phrase To be equivalent to; amount to: Hostile takeovers net down to a power grab (1980s+)

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