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Netscape navigator

networking, tool, product
/Mozilla/ (Often called just “Netscape”) A World-Wide Web browser from Netscape Communications Corporation. The first beta-test version was released free to the Internet on 13 October 1994. Netscape evolved from NCSA Mosaic (with which it shares at least one author) and runs on the X Window System under various versions of Unix, on Microsoft Windows and on the Apple Macintosh.
It features integrated support for sending electronic mail and reading Usenet news, as well as RSA encryption to allow secure communications for commercial applications such as exchanging credit card numbers with net retailers. It provides multiple simultaneous interruptible text and image loading; native inline JPEG image display; display and interaction with documents as they load; multiple independent windows. Netscape was designed with 14.4 kbps modem links in mind.
You can download Netscape Navigator for evaluation, or for unlimited use in academic or not-for-profit environments. You can also pay for it.
Version: 1.0N.
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