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[net-l-fish] /ˈnɛt lˌfɪʃ/

noun, plural (especially collectively) nettlefish (especially referring to two or more kinds or species) nettlefishes.


Read Also:

  • Nettle-rash

    noun, Pathology. 1. urticaria resulting from contact with various plants causing local irritation. noun 1. a nontechnical name for urticaria nettle rash net·tle rash (nět’l) n. See urticaria.

  • Nettlesome

    [net-l-suh m] /ˈnɛt l səm/ adjective 1. causing irritation, vexation, or annoyance: to cope with a nettlesome situation. 2. easily provoked or annoyed: to become nettlesome over trivial matters. /ˈnɛtəlsəm/ adjective 1. causing or susceptible to irritation adj. 1766, from nettle (n.) + -some (1).

  • Net-ton

    noun 1. Also called net register ton. Nautical. one gross ton registered as taxable. 2. . noun 1. the full name for ton1 (sense 2)

  • Net-tonnage

    noun 1. the taxable gross tonnage of a merchant ship.

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