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a relatively inexpensive computer with minimal processing power, designed primarily to provide access to computer networks, as corporate intranets or the Internet.
Abbreviation: NC.

a personal computer designed to be connected to a local area network or to the Internet and which has no disk drives of its own
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  • Network computing devices

    company (NCD) Producer of X terminals, PC-Xware and Z-Mail. (http://ncd.com/). (1998-10-07)

  • Network database

    database A kind of database management system in which each record type can have multiple owners, e.g. orders are owned by both customers and products. This contrasts with a hierarchical database (one owner) or relational database (no explicit owner). (1998-10-07)

  • Network definition language

    (NDL) The language used to program the DCP (Data Communications Processor) on Burroughs Large System. Version: NDL II. (1994-12-12)

  • Network engineer

    job A high-level LAN/WAN technician who plans, implements and supports network solutions between multiple platforms. A network engineer installs and maintains local area network hardware and software, and troubleshoots network usage and computer peripherals. He may have CNE certification. (2004-03-20)

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