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Network operating system

operating system
(NOS) The operating system on Control Data Corporation’s Cyber Computer.
networking, operating system
(NOS) An operating system which includes software to communicate with other computers via a network. This allows resources such as files, application programs, and printers to be shared between computers.
Examples are Berkeley Software Distribution Unix, Novell, LAntastic, MS LAN Manager.
[Is there a specific OS called “Network Operating System”?]


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  • Network operations center

    (NOC) A location from which the operation of a network or internet is monitored. Additionally, this center usually serves as a clearinghouse for connectivity problems and efforts to resolve those problems. See also Network Information Center. (1994-12-01)

  • Network operator

    job A person who monitors and maintains the operation of a communications network. A network operator troubleshoots hardware (cables, routers, network switches, hubs, network adaptors), software, and transmission problems. (2004-03-09)

  • Network redirector

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  • Network security

    noun the protection of a computer network and its services from unauthorized modification, destruction, or disclosure

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