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neurimotor neu·ri·mo·tor (nur’ə-mō’tər, nyur’-)
Of or relating to a motor nerve.


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  • Neuristor

    [noo-ris-ter, nyoo-] /nʊˈrɪs tər, nyʊ-/ noun 1. a microelectronic fiberlike device used in information processing. neuristor (n-rĭs’tər) An electronic component that processes electrical signals in a manner modeling the behavior of neurons.

  • Neuritic

    [noo-rahy-tis, nyoo-] /nʊˈraɪ tɪs, nyʊ-/ noun, Pathology. 1. inflammation of a nerve. 2. continuous pain in a nerve, associated with paralysis and sensory disturbances. /njʊˈraɪtɪs/ noun 1. inflammation of a nerve or nerves, often accompanied by pain and loss of function in the affected part n. “inflammation of a nerve or nerves,” 1825, from Greek […]

  • Neuritic plaque

    neuritic plaque n. See senile plaque.

  • Neuro

    1. a combining form meaning “nerve,” “nerves,” “nervous system,” used in the formation of compound words: neurology. combining form 1. indicating a nerve or the nervous system: neuroblast, neurology before vowels neur-, word-forming element meaning “pertaining to a nerve or nerves or the nervous system,” from Greek neuro-, comb. form of neuron “nerve,” originally “sinew, […]

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