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inflammation of a nerve.
continuous pain in a nerve, associated with paralysis and sensory disturbances.
Historical Examples

neuritis is a form of rheumatism or gout which involves the nerves.
The Healthy Life, Vol. V, Nos. 24-28 Various

“You have neuritis when you catch cold in the wind, and you know it,” he told her.
The Wishing-Ring Man Margaret Widdemer

neuritis is a painful and wearying form of nerve trouble which mostly affects the arms and legs.
The Healthy Life, Vol. V, Nos. 24-28 Various

neuritis and sclerotic lesions of the nerve-centres are not uncommon in the history of acquired and inherited gout.
A System of Practical Medicine By American Authors, Vol. II Various

The relative degree of neuritis in the two eyes is a reliable guide to the side on which the tumour is situated (Horsley).
Manual of Surgery Volume Second: Extremities–Head–Neck. Sixth Edition. Alexander Miles

All this strain was not for nothing, and at the end of the year we find him suffering from erysipelas and neuritis.
Charles Bradlaugh: a Record of His Life and Work, Volume II (of 2) Hypatia Bradlaugh Bonner and J. M. (John Mackinnon) Robertson

Witness the horrible wakefulness caused by neuritis and by neuralgia.
Insomnia; and Other Disorders of Sleep Henry M. Lyman

Left darling Mother in a very weak state in bed, with neuritis and a weak heart.
The Journal of a Disappointed Man Wilhelm Nero Pilate Barbellion

In a considerable portion of the cases a stage of neuritis had to be expected.
Surgical Experiences in South Africa, 1899-1900 George Henry Makins

The diagnosis is rendered more difficult, as at times scurvy is associated with signs of neuritis.
Scurvy Past and Present Alfred Fabian Hess

inflammation of a nerve or nerves, often accompanied by pain and loss of function in the affected part

“inflammation of a nerve or nerves,” 1825, from Greek neuron “nerve” (see neuro-) + -itis. Related: Neuritic.

neuritis neu·ri·tis (nu-rī’tĭs, nyu-)
The inflammation of a nerve or group of nerves that is characterized by pain, loss of reflexes, and atrophy of the affected muscles.
neu·rit’ic (-rĭt’ĭk) adj.


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