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[noo r-oh-fahy-broh-muh, nyoo r-] /ˌnʊər oʊ faɪˈbroʊ mə, ˌnyʊər-/

noun, plural neurofibromas, neurofibromata
[noo r-oh-fahy-broh-muh-tuh, nyoo r-] /ˌnʊər oʊ faɪˈbroʊ mə tə, ˌnyʊər-/ (Show IPA). Pathology.
a benign neoplasm composed of the fibrous elements of a nerve.

neurofibroma neu·ro·fi·bro·ma (nur’ō-fī-brō’mə, nyur’-)
A moderately firm, benign, nonencapsulated tumor that results from the disorderly proliferation of Schwann cells and that includes portions of nerve fibers. Also called fibroneuroma, schwannoma.


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