Neuromuscular blocking agent

neuromuscular blocking agent n.
Any of various compounds, such as curare, that compete with neurotransmitters for nerve cell receptor sites, thus preventing the contraction of skeletal muscles.

Read Also:

  • Neuromuscular spindle

    neuromuscular spindle n. A spindle-shaped end organ in skeletal muscle in which afferent nerve fibers terminate and which is sensitive to passive stretching of the muscle enclosing it.

  • Neuromuscular system

    neuromuscular system n. The muscles of the body together with the nerves supplying them.

  • Neuromyasthenia

    neuromyasthenia neu·ro·my·as·the·ni·a (nur’ō-mī’əs-thē’nē-ə, nyur’-) n. Muscular weakness, usually of emotional origin.

  • Neuromyelitis

    neuromyelitis neu·ro·my·e·li·tis (nur’ō-mī’ə-lī’tĭs, nyur’-) n. Neuritis combined with inflammation of the spinal cord. Also called myeloneuritis.

  • Neuromyelitis optica

    neuromyelitis optica neuromyelitis op·ti·ca (ŏp’tĭ-kə) n. A demyelinating disorder associated with transverse myelopathy and optic neuritis. Also called Devic’s disease.

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