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neuronevus neu·ro·ne·vus (nur’ō-nē’vəs, nyur’-)
Any of various intradermal nevi containing nests of hyalinized nevus cells that resemble nerve bundles.


Read Also:

  • Neuronopathy

    neuronopathy neu·ro·nop·a·thy (nur’ə-nŏp’ə-thē, nyur’-) n. A disorder of a neuron.

  • Neuronophage

    neuronophage neu·ron·o·phage (nu-rŏn’ə-fāj’, nyu-) n. A phagocyte that ingests neurons.

  • Neuronophagia

    neuronophagia neu·ron·o·pha·gia (nur’ŏn-ə-fā’jə, nyur’-) or neu·ro·noph·a·gy (nur’ə-nŏf’ə-jē, nyur’-) n. Destruction of nerve cells by phagocytes.

  • Neurons

    [noo r-on, nyoo r-] /ˈnʊər ɒn, ˈnyʊər-/ noun 1. Cell Biology. a specialized, impulse-conducting cell that is the functional unit of the nervous system, consisting of the cell body and its processes, the axon and dendrites. n. “a nerve cell with appendages,” 1891, from German Neuron, from Greek neuron (see neuro-). Used earlier (1884) for […]

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