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neurotization neu·ro·ti·za·tion (nur’ə-tĭ-zā’shən, nyur’-)


Read Also:

  • Neurotmesis

    neurotmesis neu·rot·me·sis (nur’ŏt-mē’sĭs, nyur’-) n. The condition in which there is complete division of a nerve.

  • Neurotomy

    [noo-rot-uh-mee, nyoo-] /nʊˈrɒt ə mi, nyʊ-/ noun, plural neurotomies. Surgery. 1. the cutting of a nerve, as to relieve neuralgia. /njʊˈrɒtəmɪ/ noun (pl) -mies 1. the surgical cutting of a nerve, esp to relieve intractable pain neurotomy neu·rot·o·my (nu-rŏt’ə-mē, nyu-) n. Surgical division of a nerve.

  • Neurotonic pupil

    neurotonic pupil n. A pupil that does not dilate after a light source that caused it to contract is reduced or removed.

  • Neurotony

    neurotony neu·rot·o·ny (nu-rŏt’n-ē, nyu-) n. See neurectasis. neu’ro·ton’ic (nur’ə-tŏn’ĭk, nyur’-) adj.

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