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Neutron gun

(physics) a device used for producing a beam of fast neutrons


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  • Neutron moderator

    neutron moderator See moderator.

  • Neutron-number

    noun, Physics. 1. the number of neutrons in the nucleus of an atom, equal to the mass number minus the atomic number of the atom. Symbol: N. noun 1. the number of neutrons in the nucleus of an atom N

  • Neutron poison

    noun 1. (physics) a nonfissionable material used to absorb neutrons and thus to control nuclear reactions

  • Neutron-star

    noun 1. an extremely dense, compact star composed primarily of neutrons, especially the collapsed core of a supernova. noun 1. a star that has collapsed under its own gravity to a diameter of about 10 to 15 km. It is composed mostly of neutrons, has a mass of between 1.4 and about 3 times that […]

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