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neutrophilia neu·tro·phil·i·a (nōō’trə-fĭl’ē-ə, nyōō’-)
An increase of neutrophilic white blood cells in blood or tissues.


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  • Neutrophilic leukocyte

    neutrophilic leukocyte neu·tro·phil·ic leukocyte (nōō’trə-fĭl’ĭk, nyōō’-) n. A highly phagocytic, polymorphonuclear white blood cell containing granules that do not stain deeply with acid or basic dyes.

  • Neutrophilic leukopenia

    neutrophilic leukopenia n. See neutropenia.

  • Neutrosophic


  • Neutrosophic logic

    logic (Or “Smarandache logic”) A generalisation of fuzzy logic based on Neutrosophy. A proposition is t true, i indeterminate, and f false, where t, i, and f are real values from the ranges T, I, F, with no restriction on T, I, F, or the sum n=t+i+f. Neutrosophic logic thus generalises: – intuitionistic logic, which […]

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