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Never-never land

an unreal, imaginary, or ideal state, condition, place, etc.
any remote, isolated, barren, or sparsely settled region.

Originally called Neverland, the home of the title character in the story Peter Pan; a place where children never grow up.
A fantasy land, an imaginary place, as in I don’t know what’s gotten into Marge—she’s way off in never-never land. This expression gained currency when James Barrie used it in Peter Pan (1904) for the place where Peter and the Lost Boys live. However, in the second half of the 1800s Australians already were using it for vast unsettled areas of their continent (the outback), and there the term became popular through Mrs. Aeneas Gunn’s We of the Never Never (1908). In Australia it still refers to northwest Queensland or northern Australia in general. Elsewhere it simply signifies a fantasy or daydream.


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