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nevose ne·vose (nē’vōs’, -vōz’) or ne·vous (-vəs)


Read Also:

  • Nevoxanthoendothelioma

    nevoxanthoendothelioma ne·vo·xan·tho·en·do·the·li·o·ma (nē’vō-zān’thō-ěn’dō-thē’lē-ō’mə) n. See juvenile xanthogranuloma.

  • Nevus

    [nee-vuh s] /ˈni vəs/ noun, plural nevi [nee-vahy] /ˈni vaɪ/ (Show IPA) 1. any congenital anomaly of the skin, including moles and various types of birthmarks. /ˈniːvəs/ noun (pl) -vi (-vaɪ) 1. the usual US spelling of naevus nevus ne·vus (nē’vəs) n. pl. ne·vi (-vī’)

  • Nevus cell

    nevus cell n. A cell of a pigmented cutaneous nevus whose absence of dendrites differentiates from a melanocyte.

  • Nevus flammeus

    nevus flammeus nevus flam·me·us (flām’ē-əs) n. See port-wine stain.

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