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a former Dutch town on Manhattan Island: the capital of New Netherland; renamed New York by the British in 1664.
a city in NE Guyana, on the Berbice River.
a Dutch colony in North America (1613–64), comprising the area along the Hudson River and the lower Delaware River. By 1669 all of the land comprising this colony was taken over by England.
Capital: New Amsterdam.
the Dutch settlement established on Manhattan (1624–26); capital of New Netherland; captured by the English and renamed New York in 1664
a Dutch North American colony of the early 17th century, centred on the Hudson valley. Captured by the English in 1664, it was divided into New York and New Jersey

A city founded by Dutch settlers in the seventeenth century on the present site of New York City.

Note: An early governor of the Dutch colony surrounding New Amsterdam bought Manhattan Island, the present center of New York City, from the Native Americans for twenty-four dollars’ worth of jewelry.


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