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New ballgame

see: whole new ballgame


Read Also:

  • New-ball-game

    noun, Informal. 1. a new or changed situation: Once we’re out of debt it’ll be a whole new ball game. Related Terms a whole new ball game

  • New-bedford

    noun 1. a seaport in SE Massachusetts: formerly a chief whaling port. noun 1. a port and resort in SE Massachusetts, near Buzzards Bay: settled by Plymouth colonists in 1652; a leading whaling port (18th–19th centuries). Pop: 94 112 (2003 est)

  • Newberg

    [noo-burg, nyoo-] /ˈnu bɜrg, ˈnyu-/ noun 1. a town in NW Oregon.

  • New-berlin

    noun 1. a city in SE Wisconsin, near Milwaukee.

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