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New blood

Additional, fresh individuals regarded as an invigorating force, as in an organization. For example, The board could really use some new blood next year. This metaphoric expression, first recorded in 1853, alludes to a blood transfusion and employs new in the sense of “fresh.”


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  • Newbold

    [noo-bohld, nyoo-] noun 1. a male given name.

  • Newbolt

    [noo-bohlt, nyoo-] /ˈnu boʊlt, ˈnyu-/ noun 1. Sir Henry John, 1862–1938, English poet, novelist, naval historian, and critic.

  • Newborn

    [noo-bawrn, nyoo-] /ˈnuˈbɔrn, ˈnyu-/ adjective 1. recently or only just . 2. born anew; reborn: a newborn faith in human goodness. noun, plural newborn, newborns. 3. a newborn infant; neonate. /ˈnjuːˌbɔːn/ adjective 1. 2. (of hope, faith, etc) reborn adj. also new-born, c.1300, from new + born. As a noun from 1879. newborn new·born (nōō’bôrn’, […]

  • New boy

    noun phrase A novice; beginner: Not a bad start for a new boy [1970s+; fr the British term for a beginning school student, found by 1847]

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