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New kid


a newcomer; a new arrival; a person who is new to a situation or activity
Usage Note

usu. new kid in town, new kid on the block


Read Also:

  • New kid on the block

    noun phrase Any newcomer or recent arrival: The newest kid on that ostentatious block is O’Neal, who, after signing with Orlando, was snatched up by Reebok

  • Newlands

    /ˈnjuːləndz/ noun 1. John Alexander. 1838–98, British chemist: classified the elements in order of their atomic weight, noticing similarities in every eighth and thus discovering his law of octaves

  • New-latin

    noun 1. the Latin that became current, notably in scientific literature, after the Renaissance, c1500. Abbreviation: NL, NL., N.L. noun 1. the form of Latin used since the Renaissance, esp for scientific nomenclature Also called Neo-Latin

  • New leaf

    see: turn over a new leaf

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