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[awr-lee-uh nz, awr-leenz, awr-luh nz] /ˈɔr li ənz, ɔrˈlinz, ˈɔr lənz/

a seaport in SE Louisiana, on the Mississippi: British defeated (1815) by Americans under Andrew Jackson.
/ˈɔːliːənz; -lənz; ɔːˈliːnz/
a port in SE Louisiana, on the Mississippi River, about 172 km (107 miles) from the sea: the largest city in the state and the second most important port in the US; founded by the French in 1718; belonged to Spain (1763–1803). It is largely below sea level, built around the Vieux Carré (French quarter); famous for its annual Mardi Gras festival and for its part in the history of jazz; a major commercial, industrial, and transportation centre. Pop: 469 032 (2003 est)

founded 1718 as Nouvelle Orléans, in honor of French regent Philippe, duc d’Orléans (1674-1723); anglicized after purchase by the U.S. in 1803.
New Orleans [(awr-lee-uhnz, awr-luhnz, awr-leenz)]

Port city in southeastern Louisiana.

Note: Dominated by Creole culture, which stemmed from the French settlers of the southern United States.

Note: Jazz originated in the late nineteenth century among black musicians of New Orleans.

Note: Mardi Gras is celebrated there each year.

Note: In the Battle of New Orleans (1815), Andrew Jackson, not having yet received word that the Treaty of Ghent had ended the War of 1812, repulsed the British assault on the city.


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