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New zealand pepper tree

another name for horopito


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  • New zealand pigeon

    noun 1. a large fruit-eating native pigeon, Hemiphagia novaeseelandiae, of forest areas Also called kereru, kuku

  • New-zealand-spinach

    noun 1. a plant, Tetragonia tetragonioides, of warm regions, cultivated for its edible leaves, eaten as a vegetable.

  • Nex

    Navy exchange

  • Nexo

    [nek-sœ] /ˈnɛk sœ/ noun 1. Martin Andersen [mahr-ten-ah-nuh r-suh n] /ˈmɑr tɛnˈɑ nər sən/ (Show IPA), 1869–1954, Danish novelist. /Danish ˈnɛɡsøː/ noun 1. Martin Andersen (ˈmarten). 1869–1954, Danish novelist. His chief works are the novels Pelle the Conqueror (1906–10), which deals with the labour movement, and Ditte, Daughter of Man (1917–21)

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