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[noo-pawrt, -pohrt, nyoo-] /ˈnuˌpɔrt, -ˌpoʊrt, ˈnyu-/

a seaport in Gwent, in SE Wales, near the Severn estuary.
a seaport and summer resort in SE Rhode Island: naval base.
a city on the Isle of Wight, in S England.
a city in central Kentucky, on the Ohio River, opposite Cincinnati, Ohio.
a city and port in SE Wales, in Newport county borough on the River Usk: electronics. Pop: 116 143 (2001)
a county borough in SE Wales, created from part of Gwent in 1996. Pop: 139 300 (2003 est). Area: 190 sq km (73 sq miles)
a port in SE Rhode Island: founded in 1639, it became one of the richest towns of colonial America; centre of a large number of US naval establishments. Pop: 26 136 (2003 est)
a town in S England, administrative centre of the Isle of Wight. Pop: 22 957 (2001)

Resort city in southeastern Rhode Island.

Note: Famed for summer homes of nineteenth-century millionaires.

Note: Center of yachting in the United States.


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