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[nooz-ey-juh nt, nyooz-] /ˈnuzˌeɪ dʒənt, ˈnyuz-/

noun, Chiefly British.
a shopkeeper who sells newspapers, stationery, etc


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  • News-analyst

    noun 1. (def 1).

  • News anchor

    noun a host of a regular news broadcast Examples He was named news anchor for the weekend broadcasts.

  • Newsbeat

    [nooz-beet, nyooz-] /ˈnuzˌbit, ˈnyuz-/ noun 1. (def 40b).

  • News-beat

    [nooz-beet, nyooz-] /ˈnuzˌbit, ˈnyuz-/ noun 1. (def 40b).

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