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[nooz-boi, nyooz-] /ˈnuzˌbɔɪ, ˈnyuz-/

a person, typically a , who sells or delivers newspapers.
a boy who sells or delivers newspapers

also news-boy, 1764, from news (n.) + boy.


Read Also:

  • Newsbreak

    [nooz-breyk, nyooz-] /ˈnuzˌbreɪk, ˈnyuz-/ noun 1. a newsworthy event or incident. 2. Radio and Television. a that consists typically of two or three short items.

  • News brief

    noun a broadcasting blurb

  • News-case

    noun, Printing. 1. one of a pair of wooden, metal, or plastic trays divided into compartments for the sorting of type. Compare 2 (def 8).

  • Newscast

    [nooz-kast, -kahst, nyooz-] /ˈnuzˌkæst, -ˌkɑst, ˈnyuz-/ noun 1. a of on radio or television. /ˈnjuːzˌkɑːst/ noun 1. a radio or television broadcast of the news n. 1930, from news + -cast, from broadcast.

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