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[noo-toh-nee-uh n, nyoo-] /nuˈtoʊ ni ən, nyu-/

of or relating to Sir Isaac or to his theories or discoveries:
Newtonian physics.
of, relating to, or based on the theories of Sir Isaac Newton


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  • Newtonian constant of gravitation

    newtonian constant of gravitation new·to·ni·an constant of gravitation (nōō-tō’nē-ən, nyōō-) n. Abbr. G See gravitational constant.

  • Newtonian-fluid

    noun, Hydrodynamics. 1. any fluid exhibiting a linear relation between the applied shear stress and the rate of deformation.

  • Newtonian-mechanics

    noun, Physics. 1. . noun, Physics. 1. the branch of mechanics that is based on Newton’s laws of motion and that is applicable to systems that are so large that Planck’s constant can be regarded as negligibly small (distinguished from ). noun 1. (functioning as sing) a system of mechanics based on Newton’s laws of […]

  • Newtonian-telescope

    noun 1. a reflecting telescope in which a mirror or reflecting prism is mounted on the axis near the eyepiece so that the image may be viewed from outside the telescope tube at right angles to the axis. noun 1. a type of astronomical reflecting telescope in which light is reflected from a large concave […]

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