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A parser generator by Jack Callahan callahan@mimsy.cs.umd.edu. Version 1.0.
[Dec 89 CACM, A brief overview of NewYacc].


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  • New-year

    noun 1. the year approaching or newly begun. 2. . 3. (initial capital letters) the first day or few days of a year in any of various calendars. noun 1. . 2. . noun 1. the first day or days of the year in various calendars, usually celebrated as a holiday

  • New-york

    noun 1. Also called New York State. a state in the NE United States. 49,576 sq. mi. (128,400 sq. km). Capital: Albany. Abbreviation: NY (for use with zip code), N.Y. 2. Also called New York City. a seaport in SE New York at the mouth of the Hudson: comprising the boroughs of Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, […]

  • New-york-bay

    noun 1. a bay of the Atlantic at the mouth of the Hudson, W of Long Island and E of Staten Island and New Jersey. noun 1. an inlet of the Atlantic at the mouth of the Hudson River: forms the harbour of the port of New York

  • New-york-cut

    noun 1. . noun, Cookery. 1. a porterhouse steak with the fillet removed. noun a tender steak cut from the short loin; also called [club steak], New York steak Usage Note cooking

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