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pertaining to the next generation in a family; also, pertaining to the next stage of development or version of a product, service, or technology

Programmers are now developing next-generation software.


Read Also:

  • Next in line

    noun, adverb, adjective She is next in line for a promotion

  • Next off

    adverb phrase Next; at that point: Next off, Hutch give a yell (1920s+)

  • Next-of-kin

    noun 1. a person’s nearest relative or relatives: The newspaper did not publish the names of casualties until the next of kin had been notified. 2. Law. the nearest relative or relatives who share in the estate of a person who dies intestate. noun 1. a person’s closest relative or relatives

  • Next program counter

    architecture (nPC) A register in a CPU that contains the address of the instruction to be executed next. (2000-07-12)

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