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Next week

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knock someone into the middle of next week


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  • Next world

    noun the hereafter; whatever realm follows death Examples I want to come back as a cat in the next world.

  • Nexus

    [nek-suh s] /ˈnɛk səs/ noun, plural nexuses, nexus. 1. a means of connection; tie; link. 2. a connected series or group. 3. the core or center, as of a matter or situation. 4. Cell Biology. a specialized area of the cell membrane involved in intercellular communication and adhesion. /ˈnɛksəs/ noun (pl) nexus 1. a means […]

  • Ney

    [ney] /neɪ/ noun 1. Michel [mee-shel] /miˈʃɛl/ (Show IPA), Duke of Elchingen [el-khing-uh n] /ˈɛl xɪŋ ən/ (Show IPA), 1769–1815, French revolutionary and Napoleonic military leader: marshal of France 1805–15. /neɪ; French nɛ/ noun 1. Michel (miʃɛl), Duc d’Elchingen. 1769–1815, French marshal, who earned the epithet Bravest of the Brave at the battle of Borodino […]

  • Neyagawa

    [ney-uh-gah-wuh; Japanese ne-yah-gah-wah] /ˌneɪ əˈgɑ wə; Japanese nɛˈyɑ gɑ wɑ/ noun 1. a city in S Honshu, Japan: a suburb of Osaka.

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