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[nez purs; French ney per-sey] /ˈnɛz ˈpɜrs; French neɪ pɛrˈseɪ/

noun, plural Nez Percés
[nez pur-siz; French ney per-sey] /ˈnɛz ˈpɜr sɪz; French neɪ pɛrˈseɪ/ (Show IPA). (especially collectively) Nez Percé for 1.
a member of a North American Indian people of the Sahaptin family.
the Sahaptin language of the Nez Percé.
/ˈnɛz ˈpɜːs; French ne pɛrse/
(pl) Nez Percés (ˈpɜːsɪz; French) (pɛrse), Nez Percé. a member of a North American Indian people of the Pacific coast, a tribe of the Sahaptin
the Sahaptin language of this people

native people of Idaho and vicinity, and their language, from French Nez Percé, literally “pierced nose.” In reference to an early custom of the people of wearing shell ornaments in pierced septums.


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