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nothing is certain but death and taxes


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  • Niccolite

    [nik-uh-lahyt] /ˈnɪk əˌlaɪt/ noun, Mineralogy. 1. . /ˈnɪkəˌlaɪt/ noun 1. a copper-coloured mineral consisting of nickel arsenide in hexagonal crystalline form, occurring associated with copper and silver ores: a source of nickel. Formula: NiAs Also called nickeline

  • Niccolo machiavelli

    [mak-ee-uh-vel-ee; Italian mah-kyah-vel-lee] /ˌmæk i əˈvɛl i; Italian ˌmɑ kyɑˈvɛl li/ noun 1. Niccolò di Bernardo [neek-kaw-law dee ber-nahr-daw] /ˌnik kɔˈlɔ di bɛrˈnɑr dɔ/ (Show IPA), 1469–1527, Italian statesman, political philosopher, and author. /ˌmækɪəˈvɛlɪ/ noun 1. Niccolò (nikkoˈlɔ). 1469–1527, Florentine statesman and political philosopher; secretary to the war council of the Florentine republic (1498–1512). His […]

  • Nicd

    National Information Center on Deafness

  • Nicd-battery

    noun 1. . [nik-uh l-kad-mee-uh m] /ˈnɪk əlˈkæd mi əm/ noun 1. a storage battery, with an alkaline electrolyte, having nickel oxide as the positive element and cadmium as the negative.

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