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[nahy-si-tee] /ˈnaɪ sɪ ti/

noun, plural niceties.
a delicate or fine point; punctilio:
niceties of protocol.
a fine distinction; subtlety; detail:
the niceties of the filigree work.
Usually, niceties. a refined, elegant, or choice feature, as of manner or living:
working hard to acquire the niceties of life.
exactness or precision.
the quality of being ; niceness.
delicacy of character, as of something requiring care or tact:
a matter of considerable nicety.
noun (pl) -ties
a subtle point of delicacy or distinction: a nicety of etiquette
(usually pl) a refinement or delicacy: the niceties of first-class travel
subtlety, delicacy, or precision
excessive refinement; fastidiousness
to a nicety, with precision

mid-14c., “folly, stupidity,” from Old French niceté “foolishness, childishness, simplicity,” from nice “silly” (see nice). Underwent sense evolution parallel to nice, arriving at “minute, subtle point” 1580s and “exactitude” in 1650s. Phrase to a nicety “exactly” is attested from 1795.


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