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[nik-ti-teyt] /ˈnɪk tɪˌteɪt/

verb (used without object), nictitated, nictitating.
to wink.
technical words for blink (sense 1)

“to wink,” 1822, from Medieval Latin nictitatus, past participle of nictitare, frequentative of Latin nictare “wink, blink,” related to nicere “to beckon,” from PIE root *kneigwh- “to lean on, to bend” (the eyelids together). Related: Nictitated; nictitating (1713). Earlier form was nictate (v.), 1690s, from Latin nictare.


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  • Nictitating-membrane

    noun 1. a thin membrane, or inner or third eyelid, present in many animals, capable of being drawn across the eyeball, as for protection. /ˈnɪktɪˌteɪtɪŋ/ noun 1. (in reptiles, birds, and some mammals) a thin fold of skin beneath the eyelid that can be drawn across the eye Also called third eyelid, haw nictitating membrane […]

  • Nictitation

    nictitation nic·ti·ta·tion (nĭk’tĭ-tā’shən) n. Winking.

  • Nicu

    abbreviation 1. neonatal intensive care unit neonatal intensive care unit

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