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[nahyd] /naɪd/

a nest or brood, especially of pheasants.
another word for nye


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  • Nidge

    [nij] /nɪdʒ/ verb (used with object), nidged, nidging. Masonry. 1. to dress (a stone) with a pick or kevel.

  • Nidhogg

    [need-hawg] /ˈnidˌhɔg/ noun, Scandinavian Mythology. 1. a serpent in Niflheim who gnaws upon the lowermost root of Yggdrasil.

  • Nidicolous

    [nahy-dik-uh-luh s] /naɪˈdɪk ə ləs/ adjective 1. remaining in the nest for a period after hatching. /nɪˈdɪkələs/ adjective 1. (of young birds) remaining in the nest for some time after hatching adj. of birds, “bearing young which are helpless at birth,” 1920, from Modern Latin Nidicolae (1894), from Latin nidus (see nest (n.)) + colere […]

  • Nidificate

    [nid-uh-fi-keyt] /ˈnɪd ə fɪˌkeɪt/ verb (used without object), nidificated, nidificating. 1. to build a nest.

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