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[nee-el-oh] /niˈɛl oʊ/

noun, plural nielli
[nee-el-ee] /niˈɛl i/ (Show IPA)
a black metallic substance, consisting of silver, copper, lead, and sulfur, with which an incised design or ground is filled to produce an ornamental effect on metal.
ornamental work so produced.
a specimen of such work.
a print on paper made from an incised metal plate before the application of niello and associated especially with 15th-century Italy.
verb (used with object), nielloed, nielloing.
to decorate by means of niello; treat with niello or by the niello process.
noun (pl) -li (-lɪ), -los
a black compound of sulphur and silver, lead, or copper used to incise a design on a metal surface
the process of decorating surfaces with niello
a surface or object decorated with niello
verb -los, -loing, -loed
(transitive) to decorate or treat with niello


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