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[nif-tee] /ˈnɪf ti/ Informal.

adjective, niftier, niftiest.
attractively stylish or smart:
a nifty new dress for Easter.
very good; fine; excellent:
a nifty idea.
substantial; sizable:
We sold the car for a nifty profit.
noun, plural nifties.
something nifty, as a clever remark or joke.
adjective (informal) -tier, -tiest
pleasing, apt, or stylish
quick, agile: he’s nifty on his feet

“smart, stylish,” 1868, of unknown origin, perhaps theatrical slang, first attested in a poem by Bret Harte, who said it was a shortened, altered form of magnificat. Related: Niftily; niftiness.


Smart; stylish; neat, slick: a great many niftier and hotter words/ a nifty way to upstage the president (1868+)


: You did that real nifty


[origin unknown; called by Bret Harte, in the 1868 example, ”Short for magnificat”]


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