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[nahyt-skeyp] /ˈnaɪtˌskeɪp/

a scene viewed at night, especially as represented in art.


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  • Night-school

    noun 1. a school held in the evening, especially for working adults and others who are unable to attend school during the day. noun 1. an educational institution that holds classes in the evening for those who are not free during the day

  • Nightscope

    noun a night-vision telescope, esp. on a weapon; also, any optical device that uses infrared radiation to allow one to see better in the dark; also written night scope Word Origin night + (tele)scope

  • Night scope

    noun See nightscope

  • Nightshade

    [nahyt-sheyd] /ˈnaɪtˌʃeɪd/ noun 1. any of various plants of the genus Solanum, especially the black nightshade or the bittersweet. 2. any of various other related plants, as the deadly nightshade. /ˈnaɪtˌʃeɪd/ noun 1. any of various solanaceous plants, such as deadly nightshade, woody nightshade, and black nightshade 2. See enchanter’s nightshade n. Old English nihtscada, […]

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