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[nahyt-stand] /ˈnaɪtˌstænd/


a bedside table, often with drawers, placed next to a bed; also called night table


Read Also:

  • Night-stick

    noun 1. a special club carried by a policeman; billy. noun 1. (US & Canadian) a heavy baton or club carried by a policeman, prima British equivalent truncheon

  • Night-sweats

    plural noun, Pathology. 1. heavy sweating during sleep, especially as a symptom of certain diseases, as tuberculosis.

  • Night-table

    noun 1. a small table, chest, etc., for use next to a bed. noun See nightstand

  • Night-terror

    noun, Psychiatry. 1. a sudden feeling of extreme fear that awakens a sleeping person, usually during slow-wave sleep, and is not associated with a dream or nightmare.

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