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[nahy-gruh-seen, -sin] /ˈnaɪ grəˌsin, -sɪn/

noun, Chemistry.
any of the class of deep blue or black dyes obtained by the oxidation of aniline, used as coloring agents in inks and shoe polishes and for dyeing leather, wood, textiles, and furs.
/ˈnɪɡrəˌsiːn; -sɪn/
any of a class of black pigments and dyes obtained from aniline: used in inks and shoe polishes and for dyeing textiles

nigrosine (nī’grə-sēn’, -sĭn) or ni·gro·sin (-sĭn)
Any of a class of aniline dyes that vary from blue to black and are used as stains for nervous tissue and as a negative stain for bacteria and spirochetes.


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