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[nahy-hil-i-tee, nee-] /naɪˈhɪl ɪ ti, ni-/

nothingness; nonexistence.
the state or condition of being nothing; nothingness; nullity

1670s, from Medieval Latin nihilitas, from nihil “nothing at all” (see nil).


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  • Nihilo

    [eks nahy-uh-loh, nee-uh-] /ˌɛks ˈnaɪ ə loʊ, ˈni ə-/ adverb, adjective, Latin. 1. out of nothing; from nothing. [eks ni-hi-loh ni-hil fit; English eks nahy-hi-loh nahy-hil fit, nee-hi-loh nee-hil] /ɛks ˈnɪ hɪˌloʊ ˈnɪ hɪl ˈfɪt; English ɛks ˈnaɪ hɪˌloʊ ˈnaɪ hɪl ˈfɪt, ˈni hɪˌloʊ ˈni hɪl/ Latin. 1. nothing is created from nothing. Latin, literally […]

  • Nihil-obstat

    [nahy-hil ob-stat, nee-] /ˈnaɪ hɪl ˈɒb stæt, ˈni-/ noun, Roman Catholic Church. 1. permission to publish a book, granted by an official censor who, upon examining it, has certified that it contains nothing contrary to faith or morals. /ˈɒbstæt/ uknown 1. the phrase used by a Roman Catholic censor to declare publication inoffensive to faith […]

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