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a combining form representing nimbus, in compound words:


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  • Nimbostratus

    [nim-boh-strey-tuh s, -strat-uh s] /ˌnɪm boʊˈstreɪ təs, -ˈstræt əs/ noun, plural nimbostratus. 1. a cloud of a class characterized by a formless layer that is almost uniformly dark gray; a rain cloud of the layer type, of low altitude, usually below 8000 feet (2440 meters). /ˌnɪmbəʊˈstreɪtəs; -ˈstrɑːtəs/ noun (pl) -ti (-taɪ) 1. a dark-coloured rain-bearing […]

  • Nimbus

    [nim-buh s] /ˈnɪm bəs/ noun, plural nimbi [nim-buh bahy] /ˈnɪm bəbaɪ/ (Show IPA), nimbuses. 1. Classical Mythology. a shining cloud sometimes surrounding a deity when on earth. 2. a cloud, aura, atmosphere, etc., surrounding a person or thing: The candidate was encompassed with a nimbus of fame. 3. (def 1). 4. the type of dense […]

  • Nimbus clouds

    The dark clouds characteristic of storms.


    [usually nim-bee] /usually ˈnɪm bi/ 1. not in my backyard: used to express opposition by local citizens to the locating in their neighborhood of a civic project, as a jail, garbage dump, or drug rehabilitation center, that, though needed by the larger community, is considered unsightly, dangerous, or likely to lead to decreased property values. […]

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