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[nim] /nɪm/

verb (used with or without object), nimmed, nimming. Archaic.
to steal or pilfer.
[nim] /nɪm/
a game in which two players alternate in drawing counters, pennies, or the like, from a set of 12 arranged in three rows of 3, 4, and 5 counters, respectively, the object being to draw the last counter, or, sometimes, to avoid drawing it.
a game in which two players alternately remove one or more small items, such as matchsticks, from one of several rows or piles, the object being to take (or avoid taking) the last item remaining on the table

“to take, to steal” (archaic), Old English niman “to take, accept, receive, grasp, catch” (cf. Old Frisian nima, Middle Dutch nemen, German nehmen, Gothic niman; see nimble). The native word, replaced by Scandinavian-derived take (v.) and out of use from c.1500 except in slang sense of “to steal,” which endured into 19c.
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